Still Stammer-free

When I chose this image for my website I really deliberated. I was trying to convey stammer, stutter, and other speech issues, but couldn’t decide if the child looked angry or not. Frustrated, maybe? Or perhaps singing at the top of his voice. 

I have worked with a few people on finding their voice, most recently a 10 year old boy with a pronounced stammer, and confidence issues. He came for a free 15 minute chat (it went on longer but not because of the stammer, we just got nattering) and then booked in for a session in half term. 

He left that session speaking fluently to me in English and to his Mum in his first language. Mum called this morning, and told me that two weeks on he still hadn’t stammered, and was full of confidence. 

What an absolute dream, to be able to do a job where you’re a part of the change that people want to see in their life. Of course he did the hard work, the biggest step being to find the confidence to come and see me. 



Make me whole again

Not a tribute to Atomic Kitten, but a request that I have heard time and time again in recent weeks. Whether the client was seeing me to deal with an overbearing Dad, grief, phobia, or addiction... 4 in a row said they wanted to feel whole again.

The language is so familiar. I wonder how many of us feel like we are “in bits”, “torn in two”, “living a half life” or “just not as we were.” 

Why not drop me a line and let me know what’s making you feel diminished, and we can see how we can make you whole again.  


What’s holding you back (literally, in this case.)

I had a client this week who has been suffering from Dartitis for a number of years. Similar to ‘The Jipps’ in golf, the player stutters after aiming the dart, and can’t release it. Famous players have struggled with it in professional games, Berry Van Peer and Eric Bristow among them. My client, a serious amateur with success in national competitions, wanted to be back on form. And quickly. 

As with any first visit, getting the story right is key. Dartitis can be based in performance anxiety. Or a previous game gone wrong that’s looming in the mind. Or, underpinned by a trauma, a guilt or an unknown cause.

Whatever is stopping the arrows from flying, or whatever is holding you back, it can be tackled through a chat with the subconscious  mind. My client was winning games two days after his first visit. As much as I’d like to see him again, I doubt I will. 


Seasonal cheer for IBS sufferers

I don’t mind admitting, when I trained as a hypnotherapist I was sceptical about its use on physical symptoms. I’m a very rational person and I knew I would never sell treatments that I didn’t believe in. But time and time again I have seen clients overcome the symptoms of chronic conditions. And the research backs up the use of clinical hypnosis for a great number of conditions. 

Treatment for IBS is well established through hypnosis, although recent studies have elevated it above medical education approaches. A study published this week from the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands said that group hypnosis sessions were more than twice as effective as education programmes in relieving the symptoms to IBS. 

The study used simple suggestions over a year long programme. Current training in clinical hypnosis suggests a more direct, faster approach is even more effective. 

The best bit of advice given to me to get over my scepticism about physical applications for hypnosis was “if stress makes the condition worse, why can’t the opposite of stress make it better?”

Contact me if you would like to discuss IBS treatment, or any other condition.  

Hypnosis is twice as effective as traditional education methods in tackling IBS   

Hypnosis is twice as effective as traditional education methods in tackling IBS


A different type of Black Friday

A different type of Black Friday

For many, Christmas is a time of joy and excitement, with an abundance of love and happiness. For others, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and Black Friday signals the start of an impending darkness. This may be because of grief or loss, or the inability to spend the season in the way that you would hope to. Seasonal visitors may bring with them unecessary stress, perhaps in-laws arriving with an armful of gifts but a yearful of negativity.

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