Of all the roles and responsibilities I've had in my life, being a parent is the one that I have felt most desperate to get right. And inevitably I often haven't! It is also the role I have been least well prepared for. Hypnotherapy can help you with all aspects of family life and parenting.

It would be best to get in touch to discuss the issues(s) that you would like to address, and how we might go about achieving that. There are so many ways we might work, and the decision of which is best will become obvious when we talk. We might consider:

  • Just working directly with you. I have lost track of the number of times I have begged my children to sleep or behave. And with every beg, I lost a bit more confidence and control. Working with you to reframe your language and rebuild your confidence may be all we need. If your child is under 5 this will be best.

  • Working with your child. Hypnotherapy can work with any child who is over 5 and able to follow instructions (don't worry if that's the problem!) and if they are happy to do it. Child hypnotherapy is a little less formal. The sessions take place in my purpose built pixie house, a child friendly environment, and are more playful and based on stories, but no less effective.

  • Working together, or as a whole family.

And perhaps, a little bit of each will be the answer. The best way of knowing is to call or email and we can start talking

These are just some of the issues I can help with:


Hit of positivity

“I cannot empathise how highly I can recommend of Jeni for her work with a person who is extremely close to me, providing an immediate hit of positive energy and clarity.”

— R.L.

Much calmer and happier

“I can see a huge improvement in her and feel closer to her than ever. She seems much happier in general and is speaking nicely rather than having a tantrum. As a result, things at home are so much calmer. ”

— L.G.

I wish we came sooner

“My daughter had been suffering from chronic fatigue for 18 months until she came to you. I came with barely any hope, but had heard that you do great things. I only wish that I had brought her sooner.”

— A.M.