I had given up with trying to lose weight. The lining up to be weighed in a cold church hall, and being talked to like I’m a child. I felt in control as soon as I found out that I could just follow 3 easy principles. What I have found funny is that since I met you I’ve been feeling in control of more than just my weight. Thank you.
— A.L.

How do you deliver weight management for the current age?

This has been my major question in recent years. I am fed up with an industry that ties together my weight and value, being made to feel that I’m a better person for having lost a pound (and then in the other weeks, quite the opposite) and being told what and when to eat.

Value/weight strips all of this judgement and nonsense away, and delivers a positive, guilt free, fuss free, grown up weight management plan. There is no faddiness to the food you will choose, and no need to weigh yourself (unless, of course, you want to.)

My value/weight management programme starts with addressing any self-value issues there may be. And focusses on establishing positive eating, so that you can easily achieve the weight that you want - and then stay there. For the best impact you can book 5 individual sessions over 10 weeks or join/create a small group (the maximum is always 6.) 

I am non-judgemental and naturally maintain your confidentiality. We can discuss your issue in a free phone consultation and you can then decide whether you would like an appointment. 

You'll be amazed how quickly and effectively your issues can be addressed. Every client leaves me with the tools they need to keep up the good work at home.