20 years living with Tourettes Syndrome

I was introduced to a man in his late 20s who had lived with verbal and facial tics for over 20 years. He told me he had been taken to every professional imaginable to ‘see what they could do’. We worked together for half an hour, after which he was speaking with confidence, and with no verbal tics.

I explained that the difference was that my approach involved guiding him and ‘seeing what he could do.’ I respond to the client, not the other way around, and it’s the client that makes the change. That’s where the name Mind Yourself comes from.

Maths making school a struggle

I worked with a very lovely 11 year old girl who had recently loved to secondary school. She had struggled towards the end of primary school, but things had started to get critical. She felt ill at the thought of a maths lesson, and was starting to avoid school altogether on the days when it was timetabled.

We got to know each other and chatted in the pixie house I have had built for children’s hypnotherapy work. We traced the change back to a tricky time towards the end of Year 4. We quickly dealt with the past, processing the memories in a way that was helpful to her. Then we set about the fun work; re-establishing her as a confident Maths student. It took a few sessions but the progress was lovely to see.



“You will just need to manage your pain.” Or will you?

Some pain is vital - it is the body’s warning sign that something is wrong, and needs to be treated. But often a doctor is happy to take your pain away with painkillers long term, or with hypnotherapy.

Watching a client who struggled to the chair, couldn’t sit in comfort, and was in constant pain with fibromyalgia open her eyes and say “I feel no pain” was heartwarming. And then to get up and go to a supermarket, walking around like she hadn’t for years. If your pain is chronic, no longer serving you any purpose, and your doctor is as happy as you are to see it go, we can get started.