At times, and for some people all the time, something stands in our way of us being, doing or achieving what we want.

But our minds are brilliant things, capable of creating all the change we need. They just need the right support. Spend a little time with me, and I will show you how to create your own change, and to keep it.


Adult Hypnotherapy


Helping you to create the change you want to make, through formal or informal hypnotherapy

Teenagers and Students


Different pressures in changing times, but nothing we can’t tackle together

You and Your Child


From before they are born to getting them off to sleep, and everything growing up brings


Gentle; calm; non-judgemental; straightforward; refreshing; effective. You leave with a weight off your shoulders and a spring in your step towards self motivated action. If you’re expecting a swinging pocket watch, incense and voodoo, go elsewhere. Brilliant woman.” DC


Contact me today and we can start making the changes you want to see in yourself and your life. An email costs nothing - Or call on 07512791123. Or just book yourself a slot and let’s get started. See you soon, Jennifer