A different type of Black Friday

Black Friday was the US equivalent of Boxing Day sales; the day after Thanksgiving when shops enticed shoppers in with unmissable deals. It has spilled over the pond and now, in the UK, it signals the start of the ‘get your head out the sand, Christmas is definitely coming’ season.

For many, Christmas is a time of joy and excitement, with an abundance of love and happiness. For others, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and Black Friday signals the start of an impending darkness. This may be because of grief or loss, or the inability to spend the season in the way that you would hope to. Seasonal visitors may bring with them unecessary stress, perhaps in-laws arriving with an armful of gifts but a yearful of negativity. For others, excesses of food, drink and partying might be looming large and bringing their own pressures. And while a fear of elves may be manageable in the Summer, it would be intolerable in the month to come.

All of these issues can be addressed quickly and effectively through hypnotherapy. We speak directly to the subconscious mind to help it to cope with the realities of the impending season, building the resolve to deal with whatever you are facing. You don’t need to manage the month ahead alone, get in touch and we can find a way forward for you.