Pain Management = Mind Blowing

I will confess, when I started training as a hypnotherapist I was sceptical (extremely sceptical) that it could be effective in removing physical pain. I'm a very rational person and I just didn't believe that something like arthritis or fibromyalgia could be managed with mind management. But every time I see the look on the face of a person who has struggled to the chair and then opened their eyes and said they feel no pain, I am blown away a little bit more. 

We have to work very carefully and ethically with pain. Some pain is there to tell us to get help, and quick, and it would be wrong to permanently remove that pain. Your body is experiencing it as a warning sign. Yet other pain, your doctor may be happy for you to remove. If any treatable cause is ruled out, and it's just a matter of pain management and learning to live with it, you could choose to learn to live without it.

I have started introducing shorter 30 minute 'just wait and see' first appointments for pain, so that people can be convinced themselves without the big investment of a full first session. So if you have a chronic pain that you could live more happily without, contact me today.